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At Production Pit, we take pride in bringing a project to life and completion from its infancy. However, we can jump in to help you out at whichever stage you require us to; from helping you with your crewing needs to putting together that graphics package you need to finish your project.

Pre Production

Would you start building your house without a blueprint or play that all important game without a game plan? That’s why all of our video projects begin with the pre-production phase. This is where we create our game plan for the project. We construct a unique blueprint, come up with Plan As and Plan Bs, maybe even a Plan C...
Our pre-production process establishes an outline for the project and ensures all project team members are on board. We provide the following pre-production services:

Creative and Script Development

Production Coordination

Talent Scouting and Casting

Location Scouting




At Production Pit, we specialize in seeing all phases of a video project through to completion. We take pride in delivering the best looking videos that complement your story. We stay on top of latest techniques and emerging technologies that enable us to stay on time and on budget. 

We provide the following production services:

Film crews (Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator, Lighting Director, Sound Recordist, Gaffer, Grip, Production Assistant.. you get the idea)

High-definition cameras and accessories

Audio gear, light kits and grip equipment

Voiceover recording

Make-up and wardrobe

Production design

Post Production

Once production is done, this is the step where it all comes together. We log, capture, edit, color correct, animate, do sound design, audio editing and add motion graphics. Even though the whole process sounds formulaic the success lies in the details and, our team shines in finding the tempo that breathes life into your project. As a result your video reaches your target audience effectively.

At Production Pit, we can help you with all aspects of post-production, including:

Editing (Final Cut Pro/Avid/Premiere)

Audio Editing

Motion Graphics 


3D Animation 

DVD Authoring and Encoding

Custom music composition

And once your project is complete, we put your content in front of your audience.

We often handle the following requirements for our clients:

DVD package design and duplication/replication

Web encoding (Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media)

Media management

Interested in hiring us for one of your projects? Lets Talk.​

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